Riding in a Taxi

Finding a Taxi

Finding a Taxi ・Taxi Stands
There are taxi stands in front of train stations, and throughout town where taxis are on standby.
・Hailing a Taxi
By waving your hand, you can hail an empty taxi which is driving by. You can check whether or not a taxi is empty by checking the display on the roof or on the front glass.

Calling a Taxi

Calling a Taxi ・Calling a Taxi by Phone
State your name and pick-up location.
・Reserving a Taxi
It is convenient to reserve a taxi when you know you will be needing one at a certain date and time. State your name, the pick-up day and time, and the pick-up location.

Before Getting in the Taxi

Before Getting in the Taxi ・Automatic Doors and Passenger Seats
In Japan, passengers ride in the back seat (the front seat may be used in cases where there are several passengers). The back door, on the side opposite the driver, opens and closes automatically. The front doors are not automatic, so open them manually when necessary.
・Making Use of the Trunk
For suitcases and large baggage please make use of the trunk. There is no additional charge for baggage that can be stored within the space limitations of the trunk and taxi car itself.

Once in the Taxi

Once in the Taxi ・Buckle up!
It is imperative for riders in the front and back seats to use seatbelts.
・State Your Destination
Inform the driver of your destination. Feel free to indicate nearby buildings, tourist spots, or to show the driver a map.
・Making Stops
It is possible to make stops before the final destination. However, please be aware that the meter will continue to calculate fare during the stop
・Smoking in the Taxi
As of June 2007, all taxis in Oita Prefecture became smoke free.

Upon Arrival

Upon Arrival ・Taxi Fares
All taxis calculate fare via the meter next to the driver. There is no negotiating the fare, as may be possible overseas. Also, additional fees like highway tolls etc. are not included in the meter charge, and will be charged separately.
・Paying the Fare
Most taxis accept both cash and card payment. However, depending on the taxi company the type of card accepted may be limited, so be sure to confirm the types of cards accepted by looking at the sticker on the taxi window.
・Receiving a Receipt
Be sure to take a receipt in case you forget something in the taxi, or to avoid problems/misunderstanding.
・Forgotten Items
There is a tendency for people to forget handheld items such as cell phones, keys, umbrellas, and wallets. Take extra precaution by checking your surroundings before exiting the taxi.
It is a good idea to get in the habit of taking business cards for each taxi company, that are on display in the taxi, in case you need to contact the company in search of forgotten items.

Thank you for your patronage.