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 The government seat of Oita Prefecture is in Oita City. Our prefecture, located in the eastern part of Kyushu, Japan, is an easy place to live as it is relatively warm and it doesn't rain much, even in the winter. Oita Prefecture actively promotes international exchange, with a large number of international students living here, and we even hosted the 2002 World Cup soccer games versus Korea. In the major tourist areas, pamphlets in English, Korean and Chinese are often available, so please feel free to make use of these.
 Oita Prefecture's is characterized by hot springs (approximately 42degrees), and areas like Beppu and Yufuin are well known nation-wide, bringing visitors from all over the country to enjoy the different springs. Some major tourist attractions in Oita include the Beppu Hells Tour (refer to tourism information), Usa Shrine, the National Treasure Stone Buddhist Sculptures, the Magai-Butsu Buddhist Cliff Carvings, and the samurai housing districts, which are all places where you can come in contact with Japanese history.
 As far as culinary culture, Oita Prefecture is the only place where Seki-aji and Seki-saba mackerel can be fished, and they are extremely popular delicacies, which are used in sushi and sashimi. We also have a special local dish called Tori-ten, which is a chicken tempura dish, prepared in native-Oita style and enjoyed by locals, who are known to like chicken dishes.

Japanese Taxis

 Japanese taxis have automatic doors, and drivers wear company uniforms with neckties. For more information on riding in taxis refer to "Riding in a Taxi"

Oita Prefecture Tourism Information

 For information on the Beppu Hells Tour and historical places, click "Tourism Information" Photo Gallery

 Oita Prefecture has hot springs welling up throughout the prefecture, and is a place well acquainted with hot springs. Japanese people relax by soaking in a bath every day, even in the hot summer! While all of the different sources are referred to as "hot springs", there are differences in their color and effects based on the components, and they range in temperature with average temperatures around 42 degrees, and low temperatures around 32 degrees. Please take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy these various hot springs!

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